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We're a team of highly motivated people based in Orlando, Florida. We love what we do, and who we do it with.
Scott Myers

Scott Myers

Chief Technology Consultant

Scott started his career in 1988 when he co-founded TMS Peripherals—an Apple computer peripherals company. Since then he has spent his time working as Chief Information Officer within the advertising/marketing sector. This allowed him to focus primarily on integrating solutions for both the Mac and PC platforms.

With the vision of building upon the strengths of mixed systems into a seamless work environment, he developed ways to change processes and help lead teams to work more collaboratively. This helps organize ideas that lead to more innovative ways of thinking.

Today he strives to bring this ideology to all his clients, and is constantly challenging new technologies to ultimately find better ways of doing things.

Bill Owens

Bill Owens

Sr. Technology Consultant

Bill’s extensive IT background includes small business consulting, enterprise level architecture, and U.S. Navy Command-level communications and base infrastructure support.

Previously, Bill worked for General Electric as an Infrastructure Architect designing Remote Office and High Performance Computer clusters for GE businesses around the world.

Prior to that, he worked as a Systems Administrator and Server Engineer developing and maintaining server, desktop, and the network infrastructure.

Bill is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer specializing in information technology.

Ryan Braunstein

Ryan Braunstein

System Administrator

Ryan has been obsessed with technology since he was a kid. Nothing makes him happier than making technology work together to create an organized environment…seriously!

He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Computer Networks and Security, with a focus in Cybersecurity. He’s worked with numerous IT companies and contracting environments, servicing everything from the small businesses environment to worldwide corporations.

Ryan is also a musician, and in his spare time he typically records and edits his own music (The Love Atomic) using Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, and Ableton.

With technology evolving at breakneck speeds, if he doesn’t know something, he’s quick and excited to learn it.

Derek Williams

Derek Williams

IT Support

Derek is a graduate from the University of South Florida. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and has now been working in the IT field for over 10 years. During his earlier college years, he worked as a computer instructor for kids and adults.

His experience has focused primarily on both Apple and Windows computers, and in 2016 he earned his certification as an Apple Mac Technician. For the past few years his IT work has been in the marketing and advertising business.

In his free time, Derek likes to play on his PS4 and play board games with friends. He’s currently working on building his next killer gaming PC.

Rick Gilbert

Rick Gilbert

Sr. Apple Consultant

Rick is a born and raised Apple geek. He indulges in tech and gadgets, but finds himself at home on a Mac. He is an Apple Certified: Support Professional, Technical Coordinator, and Trainer.

He started his career while attending the University of Central Florida working as a sales associate at the campus computer store. During this time, he began to acquire Apple support certifications and titles, including becoming a Final Cut Pro Trainer at the age of 22.

In 2009, Rick went on to start his own consulting company where he provided support and management services to home clients and small to medium sized businesses. He works hard to keep his knowledge and certifications up-to-date and attacks technical challenges with a high level of enthusiasm.

Greg Rudman

Greg Rudman

IT Support

Greg is a student at University of Central Florida, where he’s currently working on his degree in Information Technology. Cyber Security is his main area of interest. During his time at UCF, he has attended several meetings with the Hack@UCF club to discuss relevant security concerns and topics.

Having gone to a technology high school, Greg gained most of his knowledge from tinkering with computers and other devices. Shortly after starting at UCF, he began working as a Computer Technician for the University where he gained relevant knowledge and experience in the IT industry.

Aside from computers, he also loves cars so if he’s not fixing a computer, he’s under a car taking it apart.

Alex Earnhardt

Alex Earnhardt

Sr. Communications Consultant

Alex graduated from the University of Central Florida with a business and marketing degree.

He started his career in the telecommunications industry right out of college, as an Account Manager with Sprint Business Markets. Later as Southeast Channel Manager, he trained Sprint Partners to sell Sprint’s entire portfolio of products and services. In 2004, Alex left Sprint to start his own consulting practice and became the telecommunications specialist and representative for his own clients. He now brings this wealth of experience to skött-i.t.

Alex prides himself in representing the client first and aligning their needs with the communications solution that best fits those needs – ensuring the best solution every time.

skott-it Timely Support Graphic

Timely Support

We love helping our clients and that’s why we strive to respond to your support requests in 60 minutes or less.

skott-it Clear Communication Graphic

Clear Communication

We talk to you like a person. Our technicians answer your questions in plain English – not “geek speak.” That’s a promise.

skott-it Advanced Technology Graphic

Advanced Technology

We’re always evaluating the latest and greatest technology – so we most likely have a solution ready for you.

skott-it Innovative Ideas Graphic

Innovative Ideas

Many times a solution is nothing more than doing something differently. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

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