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A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution can deploy security changes to every single device in your business, with the ability to erase a device due to a suspected security threat.


Why Use MDM?

Managing devices can mean everything from controlling what apps can be used on a device to locking and wiping a device if it has been lost or stolen. Remote locking and wiping capabilities help companies keep devices and data secure. Unmanaged mobile devices are a huge security risk. The number one benefit of mobile device management is the improved security it provides.

In today’s world of bring your own device (BYOD) or employees working remotely, it is increasingly important to manage security on all devices, as phone and tablets are used daily to access important files and passwords.

skött-it can help you choose the right Mobile Device Management (MDM) software for your organization.

Easier Management

Managing mobile devices without an MDM solution can be very cumbersome for anyone setting up these devices. As your company grows it can become impossible to manually manage all the devices on your network. In other words, many of these devices are not secured and are managed by an end-user without any security knowledge at all.

By utilizing a Mobile Device Management solution, you can control, manage and monitor all of your devices under a single software solution. Allowing for remote capabilities such as deploying applications, setting new security policies, or even deleting or wiping device data due to a security issue.

Devices are easily inventoried and can be assigned to users without IT having to physically touch any device. This saves valuable time when managing a large number of mobile devices.

Lower Costs

Some businesses choose to implement a Mobile Device Management solution knowing that over time it will save them money by allowing staff to use their own devices that are managed by the company using the MDM solution. Removing this hefty cost from your organization reduces operating costs and makes more funds available for your core business needs.

By implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, the company doesn’t have to purchase the devices that are assigned to staff. If you consider the cost of each device and the software needed, you could essentially pay for the solution in just a few years after deployment.

These cost savings come in addition to other benefits that serve the company’s bottom-line, including increased productivity, and more time and resources that are required to manually manage all the devices. 

Free Up Your Staff

COVID-19 has changed the office landscape, more employees are working remotely than ever before. A lot are working from home, out in the field, and traveling. Being out of the office doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice collaboration, productivity and security. This is where a good MDM solution can benefit your business.

By managing your mobile staff, you can set up custom profiles for each departmental group. This provides just the right applications and security needed for their particular role. And this can be adjusted even when they are on the road or out of the office.

If you haven’t investigated the benefits of MDM, it’s time to start looking at the more efficient ways of dealing with mobile device setup and security. Call us to see how skött-it might help you in that quest for mobile device efficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mobile Device Management (MDM) mean?

Mobile Device Management lets you securely and wirelessly configure mobile devices. It provides real-time management capabilities, including convenient configuration, self-service tools, and enhanced protection for mobile devices. 

Can I manage a Mac with MDM?

Yes, MDM allows you to leverage Apple deployment programs and security tools to enjoy a complete ecosystem of Mac management capabilities.

Can users install their own apps?

Yes – if you allow this feature. If not, you can provide a Self Service application, similar to the Apple App Store. This provides customized content for the device based on approved apps by the company. The Self Service app gives staff the flexibility of choosing what to install and when to install it.

What can you limit a user to do with MDM?

You can choose to completely lock down a device by preventing users for installing/uninstalling apps and ensure only apps distributed by the company are installed on the device. This can be set at a granular level – allowing to fine-tune a profile for any business role.


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