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skött-it provides a comprehensive suite of services to streamline your IT.
We manage the technology so you can focus on your business.


Your IT Support Staff

Rather than investing in company IT staff, partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) is ideal for many businesses. With an MSP, organizations have the resource of experts on their team managing and maintaining the technology to produce a productive and efficient working environment.

Technology is continuously evolving at a fast pace, outsourcing your IT to experts can be the best investment for your team. Utilizing an array of services from a managed services provider or co-managed services provider, like skött-it, prioritizes the health and performance of the technology infrastructure so downtime is kept at a minimum.

Some benefits of using an MSP include predictable monthly costs, security and reliability, competitive advantages (for you), and most importantly – peace of mind knowing your IT is being maintained on a regular on-going schedule to ensure high uptime and consistent productivity. 

Remote & Onsite

Working with skött-it has the benefits of having an in-house IT department and more, but without the expenses associated with hiring employees. With flexible fixed plans to fit your budget, skött-it provides remote and onsite technology support.

From daily computer issues to replacing system equipment, such as a server, router or network switch, skött-it is there to help. We provide proactive communication so you always know what comes next.

Our process is simple – we are routinely at your office for hands-on support, such as setting up new user machines, servers, and networking equipment. Most day-to-day support can be  accommodated remotely. Our staff can easily connect to your team’s computers to help with common support issues, making it quicker to help fix a problem than scheduling an office visit.

By utilizing a support ticket system, your team can quickly submit a trouble ticket that notifies our staff for a quicker response.

Server/System Management

skött-it covers an umbrella of technology-related systems. From your internet connection to configuring servers, switches and routers, we can manage it for you.

Our technicians design solutions that will scale with your business. Some tasks include performing regular maintenance so all systems are up-to-date and running smoothly, install operating systems, application patching and updates for Apple and Windows machines.

Server solutions are designed around the overall needs of your business – such as for Mac and Windows clients, speed of access, and even cloud computing with a tablet or phone. 

We will manage and maintain the systems, so you can run your business efficiently, with more productivity, and less stress from IT downtime.


Future Growth & Planning

The growth of your business is important to us. skött-it is dedicated to strategizing IT spending to meet the current business needs and align with the forecast of where the company is going.

Not only can we assist with managing and suggesting a realistic budget, but operational continuity and efficiency are equally as important. Quarterly assessments are led by our expert technicians to evaluate how the technology is performing. This helps create a sense of how long the business can maintain its goals with the current technology or spark the conversation of when new or upgraded equipment should be introduced.

Many small businesses have never planned for an IT budget. This can be a great place to start planning your IT infrastructure costs. Our senior technicians and CIOs are available for consultation and can help in the planning stages to set you up for realistic goals and expectations.

Risk Management

Having a secure, functioning IT infrastructure is the driving force behind any business. Our goal is to reduce downtime as much as possible, so we proactively monitor your systems. With specialized software and frequent checks, we are able to identify any possible threats, or even get alerted when something just isn’t working.

Also, a well thought out and thorough plan can be an effective risk management tactic. As an example, a server may be nearing full storage capacity or its usable life cycle. Planning an upgrade takes many considerations, such as how the data migration to the new server takes place, what backup types will now be used and how will the server migration be performed for little or no downtime. 

If you happen to need us before we find an arising issue, there are multiple ways to contact skött-it for support. We also offer a trouble ticket system, so you can reach anyone at skött-it as quickly as possible. Your team will have increased IT reliability and be ready to work on a secure and reliable infrastructure.


True Apple Support

If your office has both Macs and PCs, we can make it easy to share files, servers and printers, making the exchange of information between Mac and Windows computers seamless. Your mixed IT environment can be simple and productive instead of incompatible and frustrating. We have been making Macs work in a PC environment for years and we know what works, and most importantly – what doesn’t. Mac and PC integration is one of our core services.

Over the years we have assisted many clients that have made the switch from Windows to the Macintosh. Sometimes it makes better business sense to work on one particular platform versus the other. It’s all about using the right tools for the job. 

Whether you’re integrating Macs into your workplace or making the switch to Apple completely, we can provide you with true Apple-based solutions that deliver the results you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed IT Service?

Managed IT Services is when you outsource your day-to-day IT management and support responsibilities as a strategic method for improving your business operations. Managed Services is a proactive approach to handling your IT needs. It can range from a small portion of your business IT needs, such as managing the security & firewall, to complete outsourcing of all IT to ensure your employees are efficient and not interrupted by IT issues. Basically, a Managed Services company takes responsibility for overseeing your IT services.

Why Should I Consider Managed IT Services?

Most businesses rely on IT technology, but technology implementation and support is not their core business focus. You need to ask yourself if spending time away from your core business is really cost-effective. You can run your business with the “wait till it breaks” method, but you should consider what lower performance and reliability is really costing your company due to lost productivity and lost opportunity costs.

Who is a Good Candidate for Managed IT Services?

If you relate to several of the following bullet points, you could benefit from a managed services approach:

• You just want the technology to work!
• You understand what it costs your company for you to not focus on your top business priorities.
• You do not want to be in the IT business.
• You are tired of trying to get techies to understand what you really need.
• You are frustrated trying to find IT staff that understands both Macs and PCs.
• You realize the hourly cost of downtime & business interruption is more than a tech’s hourly rate.
• Manage depreciating assets is too time consuming.
• You are discouraged with finding, hiring, and managing IT staff.
• You realize that your business depends on IT technology, and IT technology cannot be avoided.
• You never want to deal with technology vendors blaming each other while you pay their bills.
• You put up with IT support issues because you don’t want the hassle of changing providers.

How Managed Services Might Not be a Good Fit for You

• You are a do-it-yourself type and only want help when you cannot figure it out yourself.
• Why pay someone else if you can figure out a solution yourself?
• Your IT plan is to “keep running until the wheels fall off” – then we will deal with it.
• You do not measure the performance of your business and employees.
• You are dependent or content creating “workarounds” to problems.
• You do not care how your employees use business resources during business hours.
• You think your “IT problems” are not that bad, we can just work harder.
• You believe a computer should last 5 or more years.
• You enjoy spending free time learning how to fix computer and networking issues.
• You really do not care if employee efficiency or morale can be improved.
• You depend on “non-professionals” to help you out with your IT problems.
• You maintain that business productivity and performance are secondary to IT costs.

What is the Cost of a Managed IT Service Agreement?

Managed Service agreements have different options which are related to the scope of the agreement. With Managed Services there can be large cost savings, as some providers have raised their efficiency using best practices and standards to a level where they can provide the hardware and services for less than a company can hire an employee. You need to consider how an agreement provides value for your company. If you are knowledgeable about the average costs in your industry for IT technologies, you should be able to make a good value assessment. Give us a call to help select a plan that’s right for your business.

Why Select skött-i.t. for your Managed IT Services?

We have the past experience of running IT operations for businesses as the internal IT support staff – we were the actual IT employees. We understand what it’s like to work under the constraints of fixed budgets, looming project deadlines, and helping users with minimal technical knowledge. Essentially – we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Let us work “with you” to become an extension of your technical staff today.


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What People Are Saying

Scott Myers served as a Partner and Chief Information and Technology Officer for Ypartnership for over fifteen years, during which time he was responsible for building and maintaining the IT systems that supported the agency’s critical creative, media, production and administrative functions. As one of the few IT strategists who is truly proficient working with both PC and Mac platforms, his leadership of these dynamic functions was both a direct and essential contributor to our rapid growth and, more importantly, ability to deliver exceptional client service. Scott is truly one-of-a-kind: an accomplished IT executive, digital strategist, network mastermind, and a delight to work with as well.

Peter Yesawich

Vice Chairman, MMGY GLOBAL

I’ve known Scott for well over twenty years, and he is smart, dependable, honest and hard-working. Our agency chose skött-it without hesitation and we’ve been very happy with the results. They took us through a complete server migration and now have moved us offsite to the cloud with no hiccups. They keep our workstations up-to-date and running smoothly and always bring the best advice and practices. For any work environment, especially Macintosh-based, I highly recommend skött-it.

Terry Mooney

Partner/New Business Officer at Evok Advertising

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