Managed IT Services

Let us manage the technology while you manage your business

Managed IT Services

We offer complete technology management solutions that take the hassles out of managing and maintaining your technology. Our Managed IT Services offering provides our clients an affordable, fixed-budget solution without compromising expertise or level of service. We manage your IT needs while you manage the business.


Whether you need a complete outsourced technology management solution or your internal IT team needs assistance, we can help. 
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Common Managed Services:

Help Desk Support

Help-desk support to keep your team working and productive.

OS & Application Updates

Operating system and application patching and updates for Mac and Windows machines.

Email Management

Email management – migration, archiving, mobile deployment and syncing, etc.

Mobile Integration

Mobile management – email, file server access, remote desktop, remote presentation, etc.


Technology Strategy Development – short or long-term and phased approach.

Future Growth & Planning

Ensure smart IT spending on technology that grows with your business needs.

Desktop Refresh

Refresh old hardware and repurpose machines for lesser demanding tasks.

Server Management & Monitoring

Management and monitoring of your servers and workstations.


Ensure all backups are running and are truly reliable for recovery.

Anti-Virus Management

Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus management for server and desktop machines.

Scheduled Maintenance

Perform regular maintenance to ensure all systems are up to date and running smoothly.

Cloud Services

Determine which services can be moved to the cloud for more reliable and easy operation.

IT Budgeting

Plan a budget that’s appropriate to business needs and stays current with technology trends.


Help with regular problem solving or assist with full-on IT goal planning.

Managed IT – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed IT Service?

Managed IT Services is when you outsource your day-to-day IT management and support responsibilities as a strategic method for improving your business operations. Managed Services is a proactive approach to handling your IT needs. It can range from a small portion of a business’s IT needs, such as managing the security & firewall, to complete outsourcing of all IT to ensure your employees are efficient and not interrupted by IT issues. Basically, a Managed Services company takes responsibility for overseeing your IT services.

Why Should I Consider Managed IT Services?

Most businesses rely on IT technology, but technology implementation and support is not their core business focus. You need to ask yourself if spending time away from your core business is really cost-effective. You can run your business with the “wait till it breaks” method, but you should consider what lower performance and reliability is really costing your company due to lost productivity and lost opportunity costs.

Who is a Good Candidate for Managed IT Services?

If you relate to several of the following bullet points, you could benefit from a managed services approach:

  • You just want the technology to work!
  • You understand what it costs your company when you are not focused on your top business priorities.
  • You did not choose your career to waste your time with IT issues.
  • You do not want to be in the IT business.
  • You do not want to deal with IT issues.
  • You are done trying to get techies to understand what you really need.
  • You are done trying to find IT staff that understands both Macs and PCs.
  • You realize the hourly cost of downtime & business interruption is more than a tech’s hourly rate.
  • You are finished trying to manage depreciating assets.
  • You are done with finding, hiring, and managing IT staff.
  • You realize that your business depends on IT technology, and IT technology cannot be avoided.
  • You never want to deal with Technology vendors blaming each other while you pay their bills.
  • You put up with IT support issues because you don’t want the hassle of changing providers.
Conditions where you might not be a good Candidate for Managed IT Services?
  • You are a do-it-yourself type and only want help when you cannot figure it out yourself.
  • Why pay someone else if you can figure out a solution yourself?
  • Your IT plan is to “keep running until the wheels fall off” – then we will deal with it.
  • You do not measure the performance of your business and employees.
  • You are dependent or content creating “work-arounds” to problems.
  • You do not care how your employees use business resources during business hours.
  • You think “your IT problems” are not that bad, we can just work harder.
  • You believe a computer should last 5 or more years.
  • You enjoy spending free time learning how to fix computer and networking issues.
  • You really do not care if employee efficiency or morale can be improved.
  • You depend on “non-professionals” to help you out with your IT problems.
  • You maintain that business productivity and performance are secondary to IT costs.
What is the Cost of a Managed IT Service Agreement?

Managed Service agreements have different levels which are related to the scope of the agreement. With Managed Services there can be a large cost savings, as some providers have raised their efficiency using best practices and standards to a level where they can provide the hardware and services for less than a company can hire an employee. You need to consider how an agreement provides value for your company. If you are knowledgeable about the average costs in your industry for IT technologies, you should be able to make a good value assessment. Give us a call to help select a plan thats right for your business.

Why select skött-i.t. for your Managed IT Services

We have the past experience of running IT operations for businesses, as we worked as actual IT employee support staff. We understand what its like to work under the constraints of fixed budgets, looming project deadlines and helping users with minimal technical knowledge. Essentially – we know what its like to be in your shoes. Let our Orlando, Fl team work “with you” to become an extension of your technical support staff today.

We Can Maintain All Your IT

We can manage and maintain all of your IT Vendor Services. Why fight with the copier guy? Why wait around for an internet provider to call you back? Our Orlando, Florida team can organize, maintain, and manage your third party resources and relationships with your other technology vendors so you won’t have to spend your time troubleshooting IT issues—allowing more time for you to run your business.

We Won't Hold You Hostage

Most IT companies do not provide their clients with simple and easy-to-understand documentation that outlines key settings, passwords, etc. By keeping that information to themselves, IT companies hold their clients “hostage” to scare them away from hiring someone else. This is unethical and unprofessional. We keep our clients by providing exceptional services, being honest and never keeping them in the dark.

“Scott Myers served as a Partner and Chief Information and Technology Officer for Ypartnership for over 15 years, during which time he was responsible for building and maintaining the IT systems that supported the agency’s critical creative, media, production and administrative functions.  As one of few IT strategists who is truly proficient working with both PC and Mac platforms, his leadership of these dynamic functions was both a direct and essential contributor to our rapid growth and, importantly, ability to deliver exceptional client service.  Scott is truly one-of-a-kind:  an accomplished IT executive, digital strategist, network mastermind, and a delight to work with as well.”

Peter Yesawich

Vice Chairman, MMGY GLOBAL

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