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Keynote Training Classes from the Experts

We offer private and customized Keynote training programs. These are normally done on-site at your location.

Benefit from our experience, as our expert instructors have delivered Keynote training to hundreds of users over the years and use Keynote to present their own presentations. We make it easy to learn Apple Keynote to create great presentations for delivery using iPads and Macs, whether in person or online. Discover how to create great Keynote presentations with impact.

Keynote courses are led by a live instructor in your office. 
 Did you know you can project your Keynote presentation using a Mac, iPhone or iPad – wirelessly? 

Learn How To:

Build A Presentation - Basics

Build a fully functioning presentation in one sitting. Understand all the tool elements that allow you to craft a presentation quickly and easily. Learn how to optimize visual elements so presentations open faster and the file sizes are smaller to easily share with others.

Present From Your iPhone Or iPad - Wirelessly

Learn how to control your presentation from your iPhone or iPad. Learn how to transfer a presentation to your phone or iPad so no computer is required for presenting. And this can all be done wirelessly.

Convert A PowerPoint Presentation To Keynote

Learn how to take that dull PowerPoint presentation and turn it into an engaging Keynote presentation.

Keynote Tutoring Using Your Own Projects

Speed up learning by using your own Keynote projects – even if they’re built in PowerPoint.

Password-Protected Your Presentations

Learn how to share password-protected presentations via an iCloud link.

Share Your Presentations

Learn how to share a presentation with others in “View only” mode – so it can be displayed but not edited.

Share and Collaborate

Share Keynote document links with others instead of sending out lots of separate attachments. Then make instant progress by editing together in real time. See who’s in the document and follow their cursor as they make edits alongside you.

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