What IT Services Do We Provide?

Our Services

We provide professional IT services encompassing the entire computer systems lifecycle. From technology consulting and infrastructure to security and managed services, our professionals provide the solutions to your business challenges.

Consultants and engineers at skött-i.t. represent the very best in Information Technology. With years of real-world experience you have some of the best minds working to make sure your business is a success. 

skött-i.t. offers a variety of products and IT services designed with your business in mind.

Go beyond the everyday and let us help make your next technology project a success. Our experienced team can handle most IT challenges with ease and professional knowledge. If we can’t help – we’ll let you know up-front.

Our experts deliver comprehensive IT management services for one flat subscription rate, so you can focus on growing your business.

We know planning for technology projects can be expensive and confusing. We can make sure you’re saving the right pennies.

Where would you like your technology to be in the next year? In three years? We can help with the planning and growth of your network and business.

We are true Macintosh experts – its not a side business for us. From heavy creative environments, utilizing Adobe Creative Suite and Font Management systems, to Mac & PC network integration – we have you covered and has been our core business for over 20 years.

Virtualization consolidates your server environment and makes it more efficient, adaptable and responsive to changing business requirements while improving availability and lowering your technology investment.

A Network Attached Storage device in your business can play the role of what used to require several pieces of hardware, saving both time and money. These devices can centralized file and print servers, become as a backup target, iSCSI target, VPN server, host cloud service, and provide remote access to your data and more.

A solid network foundation can significantly increase your productivity. From sharing files to applications, skött-it has everything you need to connect your business. skött-it has developed a no-cost, high level audit to help business owners identify and understand their IT risks and inefficiencies. This assessment is complementary for prospective clients.

If you and your team need to work while you are on the road or from remote locations, we can implement the remote access strategy that’s best for your business.

Server Installs and Upgrades. Are you running the right server solution for your business? Should it be on a Mac or a PC… or maybe even both?

Keep your machines running at their most efficient levels. Know when hardware maintenance is actually needed or when software is causing an issue.

Your data is more valuable than the systems that hold it. Make sure you have a backup strategy that completely eliminates the risk of data loss.

Are you running the latest versions of your business software? Are you licensed properly? Did you upgrade before knowing what software was compatible with your Server, Desktop OS or most important Business App?

Lower the cost of your phone bill by switching over to a more capable VoIP system. Connect one of our VoIP phones to your existing Internet enabled Local Area Network (LAN) and you’re in business!

We offer private and customized Keynote training programs. These are normally done on-site at your location.

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skott-it Timely Support Graphic

Timely Support

We love helping our clients and that’s why we strive to respond to your support requests in 60 minutes or less.

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Clear Communication

We talk to you like a person. Our technicians answer your questions in plain English – not “geek speak.” That’s a promise.

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Advanced Technology

We’re always evaluating the latest and greatest technology – so we most likely have a solution ready for you.

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Innovative Ideas

Many times a solution is nothing more than doing something differently. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

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