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CIO as a service provides a strategic IT partner to help align IT with your business. 
skött-it can manage your business technology at an executive level.


Your Virtual CIO

Every business should designate someone to guide your IT initiatives. For many organizations, a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) can serve as this executive leader for your team. Your Virtual CIO will assist in leveraging IT solutions that best fit your business needs.

Our optional virtual CIO plans can help with many initiatives – such as managing IT staff, budgeting, asset, and inventory tracking, developing processes, hardware, and software purchasing, and even providing application-specific knowledge to end-users. Most importantly, the vCIO is representing and managing your business technology at an executive level.

Strategy and Planning

IT strategy and planning is an essential part of doing business.
Your IT systems and processes need to fully integrate with the way you do business.

With skött-it, our CIO services are on a
quarterly or biannual schedule. And depending on the size of your organization, it could be monthly if needed.

During the on-boarding process, your assigned vCIO will assess and audit your current IT infrastructure, then design a custom roadmap for your organization’s immediate to long-term IT needs.

Review Recommendations 

After the necessary information is compiled, your vCIO will set up a meeting with your team to review our assessment and findings from the audit and review of your systems. This provides a baseline of your current IT infrastructure, the health of your current IT portfolio, and any risks we may find.

We can now assess which systems are the highest priority for replacement or upgrading that could be a potential threat to downtime for your organization. During this meeting, we learn about your goals and priorities. Be prepared to answer questions about your long term growth projections, end-user issues, and any pain points with your technology.

skött-it uses this information to create an IT budget, to plan how to reach your IT goals, and to create a realistic road map on how to get there. We plan for the future, not just the here and now.


skött-it brings the expertise of a c-suite level expert to your business without the six-figure salary. Using our vCIO service is a cost-effective way to provide your business with the experience of an executive filling the senior IT role.

At skött-it, our team has been working in the tech industry for decades. This experience has led us to accumulate a vast array of knowledge for working in different and complex IT scenarios.

Most businesses don’t require the same technical needs, which is why skött-it builds a custom IT strategy that is best suited to your unique business environment.

Working with an executive-level IT expert makes managing your IT initiatives as seamless as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a vCIO expensive?

Hiring a full-time CIO can be quite expensive, but outsourcing a vCIO and related services usually pale in comparison. But don’t forget other financial considerations. Outsourcing can provide predictable, fixed monthly costs, a reduction in downtime, and greater efficiencies that come with a consistent and reliable IT environment.

How can one vCIO handle all our IT requests?

Your vCIO has an entire staff of IT experts at his or her disposal who will assist as needed. Qualified technicians are available via online chat or by phone to troubleshoot computer issues, address security threats, and automatically update systems.

What are the benefits of a vCIO?

A vCIO provides the role of your IT strategic advisor. Technology is a major driver in today’s marketplace, and forward-thinking organizations need to consider its role in their growth plans. A vCIO can ensure your computer and software needs are met while customizing an IT roadmap that helps give your organization a competitive edge.

Can a vCIO help with security threats?

One of the greatest concerns of business owners is mitigating the risks of cyber-attacks and data breaches. While the term “virtual” may imply your CIO isn’t always available, the truth is that a vCIO will routinely visit your office and provide education for your employees to help identify potential risks. You’ll also get 24/7 remote monitoring of your systems, necessary firewalls, updates, and security patches, and enterprise-level protection as part of a Managed IT solution.


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What People Are Saying

Scott has provided our IT support for years. His equipment recommendations have been flawless, and he is always available to support any issues that arise in a timely fashion. I highly recommend him and his company.

Steve Alcorn

CEO, Alcorn McBride Inc.

skött-it recently helped strategize, plan, and set up a much more efficient network for our company. It works incredibly well and he proactively optimizes performance before any problems occur. I would put my reputation on the line to recommend Scott and skött-i.t. to anyone.

Wágner dos Santos

CEO + Chief Strategy Officer at The Wagner Agency

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