Good IT budgeting is like good financial planning.

Let us show you how to align your IT budget with your business strategy.


IT Budget Planning

Selecting the proper IT hardware and software for your office environment can be challenging. With our CIO and technical experience, we have the knowledge of working with different manufacturers and recognizing what works for your business model. Our team is equipped with the day-to-day working knowledge to provide transparent and neutral advice for long-term success.

As a business owner, you know each of your clients’ needs, and that allows you to help them succeed. Having a productive and reliable infrastructure helps your team perform at its best.  As the complexities of technology evolve, our staff is ready to guide you through the solutions needed so you can also stay ahead of your competition.
The benefits of IT budgeting provides scalability, cost-effectiveness, and customization, as not all companies are one and the same.

Technology Agnostic

skött-it takes a solution-neutral approach to provide a suggested technology – in our industry, this is known as being “Technology Agnostic.” Since each business is different, we will never propose the same solution for everyone. This is because our technicians have become proficient in numerous brands of software and hardware to provide the best plan to meet the goals of your business.

skött-it never worries about hitting margins for a partnered vendor or up-selling a product you don’t need. This is because we don’t sell products – and only get paid for implementing and supporting the solutions that best fit your business. We only provide suggestions that are trustworthy, reliable, and custom planned just for you. In addition, choosing solutions from a competitive market allows for more options to choose from, cost reduction, and scalability.

We want the best experience for your team, so we optimize your solutions to provide the best possible results.

Choosing the Right Solution

The most expensive solution isn’t always the right solution for your business. We have implemented many turnkey projects for clients that meet the same feature set and objectives of higher- end solutions at a much lower cost. We take the time to discuss and break down the current needs of your technology and where you plan to take your business, all while taking into account the value of your current IT investment.

skött-it will research competitive pricing and can normally suggest where to purchase the most cost-effective solution. We have the resources and expertise of knowing the latest technical innovations and how different solutions can support your business better. Additionally, we are thinking about how a given technology will scale with your business. Our staff will provide insight and transparency on how you can manage the technology as the demands of your business increase. These initiatives can range from cloud solutions, software, and equipment leasing.


skött-it will take care of the documentation for you. Our team tracks expiration dates, purchase dates, and support history to predict system replacement based on life cycle and productivity use that is appropriate for your office.

Producing and maintaining technical documentation will ultimately decrease downtime and provide executives with the information needed to make financial and operational decisions. Additionally, this essential first step provides the groundwork for better system maintenance and infrastructure growth.

Based on your IT system documentation, we will work with your team to outline your IT plan and expense budget to detail what you need, why you need it, and how the budget will be spent due to expiring system life cycles. Maintaining the system documentation and creating your budget will in time reduce costs since you can better prepare for when older systems will be upgraded or new solutions introduced in a well thought out plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT budgeting?

IT budgeting is where you plan on allocating funds for various IT projects and support. This can range from ongoing IT managed support, a one-time IT project, to planning for unforeseen IT circumstances throughout the year.

Does IT budgeting matter?

Budgeting is always important since it provides the planned funding to keep your business running smoothly. Your budget is an important tool for identifying and executing any IT initiatives that are critical to the organization.

What are some IT budgeting best practices?

A well-developed IT budget should become the master plan for your IT strategy. This should be well communicated and understood by all staff executives. When this is done correctly the budget merely affirms what’s already been planned and should be approved with minimal pushback.

Who is affected by the IT budget?

An IT budget is usually prepared and presented by IT leaders and a Chief Financial Officer, but anyone from a department manager to group head could play a part in preparing the budget. This critical document takes your priorities from concept to execution.


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What People Are Saying

In the creative field it can be difficult to find an IT professional that fully understands how to build and maintain a full network of Apple workstations with an integrated server, local backups and secure off-site backup. Scott Myers is that guy. He’s from the creative field so he understands the demands of the creative agency/shops and is well versed at current technology and trends.

Jason Kucharski

Creative Director at SIX The Agency

skött-it is very responsive, flexible to our needs and always willing to go above and beyond! They helped me configure a new facility infrastructure, help install, getting it up and running and maintain it, with multiple servers, backup/recovery hardware and processes, fully documented systems, networks, V-LANs, VPNs, MAC and Windows systems, etc.

Alan Wheeler

Production Manager at Alcorn McBride

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