93% of companies that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster and 50% filed for bankruptcy immediately.

Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington DC.


Why Your Business Needs Backups

As a business owner, your company data is probably the most important asset you have. Hardware and software can always be replaced – but your data is the lifeblood of your organization. Anything from a cyber-attack to a natural disaster can disrupt your normal business operations unless you employ a solid backup strategy. Managing your backups by utilizing skött-it is one of the best ways to ensure backups are being done properly and reliably in the event of any unforeseen type of disaster.

Managed Backups

Managed Backups are a way of monitoring your backups to ensure they are being completed successfully every day. Additionally, backups are tested to ensure all files can be reliably restored when necessary – so you know that your backups are actually good and ready when needed.

Normally a small or medium-sized business would employ a Managed Service Provider for this service. Managed backups can be used to restore individual files or complete servers, and the files can be stored locally and off-site for added protection.

skött-it uses a combination of backup types to help protect your information. Backups are completed at least once a day but can be done more frequently if necessary. Off-site backups are synced to a cloud service immediately as users make changes and save their files. If necessary, individual user machines can be backed up as well, saving individual files on their desktop and documents folder.

Deletion &
Server Failures

It’s very common for someone to accidentally delete or overwrite a file. A reliable backup allows for important files and applications to be quickly recovered so they can be accessed again as soon as possible. With a Managed Backup service, skött-it can quickly restore your lost information, allowing access to any necessary files, folders, or applications as soon as possible.

Any type of hardware can fail – including servers. This is why we backup all server information, including configuration data, user accounts, and storage data. With a good Managed Backups service, if a server completely fails, it can be restored to the same operating level as to just before the failure.

Working with skött-it and a Managed Backup service, allows you to recover quickly while minimizing any downtime or loss of productivity. And just knowing your data is safe makes sleeping at night quite a bit easier.

Disaster Recovery

Having a Disaster Recovery Plan is essential for any size business. If your servers were lost due to theft, fire, or a natural disaster, you need a way to restore your systems back to working order. New servers would need to be configured and all data restored from a reliable backup.

There are a number of ways your information can be compromised in a disaster – such as cyber-attacks, theft, fire, and even natural disasters – such as a hurricane. By maintaining a regimented backup plan, utilizing managed backups, you ensure your business can work remotely and access your data and services in the cloud.

skött-it utilizes several backup plans customized to your work process. Not everyone works the same way and your backups need to accommodate your business workflows. By customizing your backups, you essentially save time, which is critical when you are experiencing a downtime event.

Cloud Backups

Using cloud services can be a good way to mitigate downtime if your office losses internet or power, since users can usually reestablish connections to their services at another location, such as from home or a remote location. But your cloud data still needs to be backed up to minimize any data loss.

When you use this option, skött-it will back up any file data or applications you have to an off-site cloud location to keep your information protected.

As an example, if your business uses G-Suite or Office 365 for email and document storage, Google and Microsoft do not provide a backup plan. So if you or a team member were to accidentally delete a file or email, you would not be able to recover this data. With a managed backup plan, you could still recover these items within a matter of minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you backup?

Data loss usually occurs on your computer in the form of a hardware failure, human error, software corruption, or a virus/malware attack. Having the ability to restore apps and files is essential to proactively fight against any loss of productivity and downtime.

What does "fully managed" mean?

Fully managed means that skött-it continuously backs up (and restores, if necessary) your data, using several backup methods. An additional backup is stored off-site, ensuring data safety in the event of a disaster situation.

What should I backup?

Any data that you could never live without should be part of your backup strategy. This can include all company files, emails, and apps – and even your employee workstation computer files.

What are Off-Site or Cloud backups?

Off-Site and Cloud backups are essentially the same thing. You’re storing your backups in another place other than the location of the originally stored data. This can be done at a data center or by utilizing a cloud storage vendor.

How often should I backup?

Your backup frequency should be performed as often as necessary. Most companies back up daily, but some need backups performed more frequently throughout the day. Some backup methods can make a copy of a file immediately after the file save has occurred, ensuring a recovery at any time of the day.

Using RAID as a backup?

Sometimes the term RAID is confused with a backup method. A RAID protects data storage from a hardware failure, although it is not backing up data for a recovery solution. If a file is corrupted or deleted, you cannot recover the file from the RAID unless it is being backed up by some other method. Therefore, a RAID is not an actual backup method.


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